Terms & Conditions


The following general terms and conditions (hereinafter: “GTC”) will govern and detail the requirements for User registration on the website located at https://www.eduolic.com (hereinafter: “Website”) and its subdomains run by Eduolic Inc. (hereinafter: “Eduolic,” “Service Provider,” or “Company”); in addition, the GTC outlines the terms and circumstances that apply to using the learning platform accessible at https://www.eduolic.com (hereinafter: “Platform”) and the mobile application (hereinafter: “Application”) run by Eduolic and downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play web stores (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Webstores,” individually as “.

Children between the ages of 4 and 13 can take age-appropriate English lessons online through Eduolic. The children can learn English online individually or in groups by enrolling in the classes offered on the Platform, with the assistance of an English teacher (hereinafter: “Teacher”) who is a contractual partner of Eduolic.

Additionally, Eduolic offers an application that enables users to register their kids for online classes, keep tabs on their academic progress, top off their user accounts with money, and receive notifications about important events.

In exchange for payment (hereinafter: “Payment”), Eduolic offers the Users access to the Platform, including English Classes. The Users can select from a number of Payment Constructions in accordance with their preferences.

Registration for a User Account on the Website requires acceptance of the current GTC and the Eduolic privacy policy (hereinafter: “Privacy Policy”). The provisions of the Policy must be followed in interpreting the GTC because they are an essential component of them. https://eduolic.com/privacy-policy/ is where you can find Eduolic’s policy. “.

2. Definitions

The terms capitalized below shall have the following meanings in the current GTC:

A virtual balance: known as a balance contains the number of Classes that the User purchased from Eduolic as part of a package or subscription.

Bonus Balance: A virtual balance that contains money in the user’s currency and can be used to finance a portion of the user’s payment construction.

A class: is any online individual or group study session led by a Teacher on the Platform for the User to learn English.

Chat Service: Refers to the online chat feature that users can access on the website to communicate with the service provider.

Contract: Denotes a specific agreement reached between the Service Provider and the User regarding the use of the Services.

To provide a safe, secure, and encouraging environment for the Students, Eduolic has an e-safety policy in place. A crucial component of the current GTC is the E-Safety Policy. Visit https://eduolic.com/privacy-policy/ to access the E-Safety Policy.

The current Eduolic general terms and conditions are referred to as the “GTC.”.

Package: A type of Payment Construction that the User can purchase and which includes the number of Classes that are specified in each Package’s description.

Payment Construction: Refers to the payment structures offered to Users for purchase on the Website. A package or a subscription is the type of payment construction.

Platform: refers to a unique software program created and maintained by Eduolic, accessible at https://eduolic.com, and intended for communication between Teachers and Users. It also refers to a location where Users can access Classes.

Regardless of whether the user purchased a Package or Subscription, a Premium Payment Construction is one in which the purchased Classes will be taught by native English-speaking Teachers.

All Eduolic Edservices made available through the Website and Platform are referred to as “services” in this sentence.

Whether the user purchased a Package or Subscription, the “Standard Payment Construction” refers to the type of Payment Construction in which the purchased Classes will be taught by non-native English Teachers with a high level of English proficiency.

The term “student” refers to a child between the ages of 4 and 12 who attends classes offered on the platform and is represented by the User.

A service with a regular schedule, such as a set number of classes each week for a period of 28 calendar days (the basic subscription), or with another subscription period as specified below, is referred to as a subscription. A certain number of Classes per month, as specified in the description of each Subscription, are made available to the User through the purchase of Appropriate Payment Construction, which is an automatically renewing payment.

The term “Subscription Period” refers to a recurring 28-day period beginning on the day the User purchases a Subscription. The User may take advantage of the Classes purchased with the Subscription for the duration of these 28 days. Depending on the length chosen, the Long Subscription period can be 84 or 168 days long and can include 3 or 6 basic Subscription periods.

A natural person who is employed by Eduolic under a contract and instructs students in English using the Platform is referred to as a “teacher.”.

Trial Class: The first practice lesson during which the student’s level of English proficiency is assessed and during which both the student and the user become acclimated to the platform.

Any natural person who enters into a legal contract with the service provider for the provision of the services in accordance with the terms of the current GTC is referred to as a “User.”.

A user’s personal page on the Platform, known as a “User Account,” consists of an administrative section with the owner’s information hidden from other Platform users and a client section that is accessible to all Users.

Website: refers to the domain name https://eduolic.com/ operated by Eduolic and all subdomains thereof through which Eduolic offers the Services, including the Platform.


By registering on the website as a User, which involves the following steps:, a Contract is formed between Eduolic and the User.

3.1. The User must register through the Trial Class interface on the Website in order to access and use the Platform.

3.2. The Eduolic service is designed for users between the ages of 4 and 12, but children under the age of 16 are not permitted to create an account on the website. Only with the consent of their legal guardian or other representative (e. g. such as a parent, foster parent, stepparent, etc. ).

3.3. The User hereby represents and warrants that he or she is not incapacitated, that he or she complies with the terms of this clause, that he or she is not partially limited in his or her capacity or incompetent, that he or she understands and acknowledges the terms of these GTC, and that he or she is not otherwise ineligible. Only the User, its legal representative, or guardian who violates this warranty will be held responsible for any resulting damages and costs.

3.4. The user’s email address, first and last names, and phone number are required during registration. After providing the necessary information, the User must select the date for the Trial Class.

3.5. The User certifies that he or she has read, understood, and agreed to the terms of the current GTC and the Policy on the processing of his or her personal data after providing the information requested in the registration interface and selecting the date of the trial class.

3.6. The User sends its registration to the Service Provider after completing it and agreeing to the GTC and the Privacy Policy. To the email address the User provided during registration, the Service Provider sends an email confirming the registration.

3.7. The User activates his or her registration by clicking the link in the confirmation email; as a result, the system activates the User’s registration, and the User and Eduolic’s contract is thus formed.

3.8. The User may edit any of his or her data on the Platform, the Website, and the Application after registration at any time in order to correct any data input errors.

3.9. Following registration, the User may add the names and ages of their children to their account. Each child added by the User Account has a unique subprofile in the User Account where they can access their individual study materials.

3.10. The Service Provider is allowed to change the User’s complete profile information.

3.11. Any damages brought on by incorrect or incomplete data provided by the User shall not be the responsibility of the Service Provider. The User is always free to modify the information provided during registration. The User must register only once; thereafter, it is not necessary to do so in order to access the Platform again.

4.12. The service provider is not responsible for any losses that result from making the users’ password and/or email address available to unauthorized individuals. In the event that the user’s email address or password is forgotten, lost, or becomes known to unauthorized parties, the user may contact the service provider by email at support@eduolic.com or through the website’s live chat feature.

4.13. The parties’ contract shall be deemed to be in writing and in the English language under the current GTC. The Service Provider must keep a record of the User’s information, the location and time of the Contract, the information the User provided during registration, the text of the GTC in effect at the time of the Contract’s conclusion, and any other relevant information. The Service Provider sends written information regarding the aforementioned to the User upon request. If the relevant data is sent to the User’s email address provided during registration or subsequently in the User Account, the information is deemed to have been written.

4.14. Any User using the Website or Application does so solely at his or her own risk and is responsible for doing so.

4. Services
In accordance with the features and details of the payment options specified in the current GTC, Eduolic agrees to grant the User access to the Platform (including Classes).

4.1. This Platform.

Users can access their User Accounts and Classes through the Platform. Only users who have purchased a Payment Construction in accordance with section 6 of the current GTC are permitted access to Classes.

The User is required to have a personal computer and internet access that satisfies the requirements listed below in order to participate in the Classes, and such purchase shall be made independently and at the User’s expense. Because of the User’s improper use of the necessary computer hardware, software, or internet access, Eduolic will not be held liable for the inability to provide the Classes or their poor quality.

4.1. 1. To participate in the classes, you must have the following minimal technical requirements:.

Operating systems include Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Mac OS X 10, and Mac OS X 10.10, as well as Android or iOS for tablets.
Operating systems include Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Mac OS X 10, and Mac OS X 10.10, as well as Android or iOS for tablets.
The most recent stable user version of the Google Chrome browser is installed, and automatic update is turned on.
2 GB or more of RAM is required.
CPU: dual-core processor, at least. 1 point 8 GHz.
a functioning camera and microphone.
Internet connection: min. 5 Mbit/s.
4.1. 2. the following are advised technical prerequisites for the Classes:.

Windows 8/8.1/10, Mac OS 10.10, and iOS or an Android operating system are all acceptable operating systems.
Installed is the most recent stable user version of the Google Chrome browser, with automatic update turned on.
4GB or more RAM is required.
CPU: dual-core processor with a minimum. 2 points 2 GHz;.
a functioning camera and microphone.
Internet connection: min. 35 Mbit/s.
4.1. 3. The User must grant permission for the microphone and camera on his or her device to be used during classes.

4.1. 4. The User understands that Eduolic will film the classes in order to monitor the quality of the services it offers, to look into any complaints made by the User, and to allow both the Student and the User to watch and repeat lessons as needed. The class video must be retained for 3, or three years.

4.1. Consequently, the User agrees that specific video records may occasionally be submitted to the Teacher, Eduolic, state authorities, or courts, provided that there are valid legal justifications for doing so.


4.2. 1. Class for trials.

Eduolic will arrange a Trial Class for the User upon request prior to the User purchasing a Payment Construction. Trial Classes are intended to acquaint the User and the Student with the Platform and to assess the Student’s level of English proficiency.

It is not necessary to complete a trial class before enrolling in classes, but without an evaluation of the student’s English language proficiency, only the introductory level may be chosen as the starting point. For the student to start learning at a higher level, the Trial Class must be completed.

Contrary to the rules outlined in section 5.2, the Trial Class Teacher. The User is not allowed to choose Option 2 of the current GTC; Eduolic makes that choice.

A Trial Class may be rescheduled or cancelled by the User no later than 8 hours prior to the start of the Trial Class. If the User misses this deadline, it will be assumed that they are okay with the Trial Class starting at that time. The Trial Class shall be deemed to have taken place if the User is not present at the scheduled Trial Class start time within the first five minutes of the scheduled trial period. In this scenario, Eduolic might decline to host a follow-up Trial Class for the User.

The balance point provided by Eduolic to the User following registration may only be used to complete the Trial Class and cannot be exchanged for standard or premium balance point.

Depending on the student’s proficiency, Eduolic may suggest a Teacher and a Schedule for the Class after the Trial Class. It’s possible that Eduolic’s evaluation of the Student’s English proficiency will be different from the evaluation the User previously got from a different source.

4.2. 2. choosing a teacher and setting up the classes.

Depending on the student’s level of English proficiency and the user’s preferred schedule, the user is free to choose from among the available Teachers.

A Teacher’s time slot may be reserved by Eduolic for Users with Subscriptions. The reservation will be canceled, though, if the User does not pay the Subscription 24 hours prior to the start of the Class.

Later on, the User may ask Eduolic to substitute a different teacher and must explain why. Any such request from the User may be turned down by the Service Provider. The User may suspend the Classes in accordance with section 5.2 if the User chooses not to attend the Classes with the provided Teacher. 4 of the current GTC.

The User will be notified in advance without undue delay and no later than 1, or one hour before the start of the relevant Class, if Eduolic decides to replace the Teacher in its sole discretion.

The scheduling of the Classes shall be in accordance with the type of Payment Construction purchased by the User; as a result, Users who purchase Subscription are only permitted to schedule the number of Classes per Student per week that is specified in the description of the Subscription in question.

4.2. 3. Class procedure.

The start time for the class must match the start time specified in the user’s class schedule. By selecting “Enter class” when the class is about to begin, the User can join a class through the Platform. The teacher and student must both be present in the online classroom for the class to begin.

25 minutes have passed since the class’s scheduled start time, or the class’s duration. If the User or the Teacher encounters technical issues during the Class, such as losing their internet connection and getting disconnected, they are able to reconnect to the Class within the allotted time frame.

Only the student’s presence is required during the classes, but the service provider advises the user to attend the student’s first four or five classes in order to help the student become accustomed to the platform’s user interface and the teacher.

Except in cases where the User or the Student is experiencing technical difficulties, the Classes must be held in the English language. The Teacher is not permitted to speak in any other language during the Classes.

Both the student and the user should abide by the service provider’s e-safety policy while in class. The Service Provider records the Classes in accordance with the Policy, so the Users and the Students can rewatch the Classes to review the material.

Every class has homework that the student must complete on the platform by the following class, which is given by the teacher at the end of each lesson.

The student or user should click the “X” symbol in the top right corner of the browser window or the “Exit” button in the bottom right corner of the virtual classroom to exit.

4.2. 4. Class cancellations and postponements.

Eight hours before the start of the class, at the latest, the User may cancel and postpone the classes without losing any of their Balance. In the event that the User misses this deadline, the User will be deemed to have accepted the proposed class time, and the User will not be reimbursed for the cost of the class if the Student is absent.

The User shall be entitled to a single postponement of Class with the Teacher without deduction from the Balance for a period of not less than 8, that is, eight hours, and not later than 1, that is, one hour before the start of the Class, to a time within the following seven, that is, seven days that the Teacher will be available. The amount of classes that can be canceled or postponed without losing a spot in the teacher’s schedule depends on how intense the user’s class schedule is.

In this situation, the User will lose their spot in the schedule and one class will be deducted from their balance if the Teacher’s schedule is not open within the span of 7, or seven days. When a class is postponed or cancelled (postponed for less than 8, or eight hours, and not later than 1, or one hour, before the start of the class), one Class will be deducted from the user’s balance. If the Teacher’s schedule does not allow for it, Eduolic reserves the right to take into account the User’s appeal.

With prior notice to Eduolic, the Teacher shall have the right to reschedule and cancel Classes. If the User accepts substitutions in his account, a replacement Teacher will be assigned to the Class in this situation.

The Service Provider will inform the User of the cancellation and a Class will not be deducted from the User’s Balance if a replacement Teacher cannot be found for a Class.

4.2. 5. absence from classes.

The Teacher must wait for the Student for 25, or twenty-five minutes, if they are not present for the start of the class on the platform. If the Student does not begin the Class within this Timeframe or if the User does not notify the Service Provider in advance of the Student’s inability to attend the Class, the Class shall be deemed to have taken place and shall be deducted from the User’s Balance.

Due to the Teacher’s error, missed classes may be freed up for cancellation (without deducting the cost from the User’s Balance) or rescheduled for a time that is more convenient for the User in the Teacher’s schedule.

4.2. 6. Putting the Classes on Hold.

The User shall have the right to temporarily halt the scheduled Classes by communicating with the Service Provider via the Chat Service; however, during the period of the suspension, the Classes the User had previously scheduled shall be removed from the Teacher’s schedule, making those times available for scheduling by other Users.

The User and the Service Provider shall redetermine the Class schedule jointly when the User decides to resume the Classes.

4.2. 7. communication about the classes.

The Platform’s chat service will be used for all communications regarding the classes between the User, the Teacher, and the Service Provider.

By sending an email or an SMS message to the user’s provided contact information, Eduolic will notify the user of events such as class assignments, cancellations, the hiring of a stand-in teacher, and other important information. Eduolic does not ensure that these communications will be delivered due to their nature.

By using the chat feature of the Platform or Application, the User must notify the Service Provider of the Class’s postponement or cancellation.

4.3. Using the application.

Eduolic created the application that is made available to users through online stores. The application enables users to schedule classes, handle payments, keep track of their child’s progress in the classes, and receive critical notifications.

The User can log in to the Application using the information from their User Account once they have downloaded the Application from one of the Webstores.


5.1. The User is paid.

The User must decide on and purchase a Payment Construction on the Website in order to access the Services offered by the Platform. Using the Platform or the Application, the User can pay for the Services.

5.2. Buildings for payments.

The User has the option of selecting Standard or Premium Payment Construction. The User has the option of selecting either a Subscription or a Package in both Payment Constructions. However, a Package is only accessible to Users who signed up for an account on the Platform prior to 01Point01. 2021, unless there are special promotions held by the administration.

If the user selects the Standard Payment Construction, the number of classes they purchase will be taught by non-native English speakers who have a high level of English proficiency.

The number of classes the User purchases will be taught by Teachers who are native English speakers if they opt for a Premium Payment Construction.

Whether a User selects a Standard Payment Construction or a Premium Payment Construction, as well as whether a User buys a Subscription or a Package, affects the cost of the Payment Construction. On the website, you can find the prices that are in effect for the various combined Payment Constructions.

5.2. 1. Subscription.

When the User selects a Subscription and the appropriate Payment Construction, he or she authorizes Eduolic to charge their provided payment information on a recurring basis every 28 days (i.e., twenty-eight days) or every 4 weeks (i.e., four weeks) from the time the Subscription is enabled until they cancel their Subscription for a set amount of money that is indicated on the Website. A long subscription is a one-time payment that does not renew itself.

The Website indicates the versions of the Subscriptions (Classes per week) that will be available at the time of a Payment. If the subscription version the user selected is no longer offered, but the subscription is still active, the deletion of that subscription version will not have any impact on the subscription that is still in effect.

According to his or her preferences, the User can schedule the purchased Classes on the Platform.

50% of the cost of the classes that aren’t used at the end of the subscription period will be added to the user’s bonus balance. Calculated from the price the User paid for the Subscription, the 50% of the cost of a single Class will be applied.

The User may manually cancel the automatic renewal of the Subscription on the Platform or by sending a cancellation request to the Service Provider in the Chat Service at least one working day prior to the anticipated cancellation. Upon receiving such a request, Eduolic will stop the User’s Subscription from continuing to renew automatically.

The User has the option of manually terminating the Subscription on the Platform for a period of up to four weeks or contacting the Service Provider in the Chat Service no later than one working day prior to the anticipated termination. In this situation, the User’s Bonus Balance will receive a transfer for the full cost of the unsold sunglasses. The User may suspend the Subscription for up to four weeks in a calendar year.

5.2. 2. Package.

According to the guidelines in clause 6.2 para 1, if the User purchases a Package, the number of Classes that are part of the Package will be added to their Balance. Because the Package is not a recurring payment structure, the User will not be able to access the Services until he or she makes a subsequent payment in accordance with the current GTC. Additionally, Classes won’t be added to the Balance until a subsequent manual purchase is made.

The Website indicates the number of Classes per Package and the size of the Packages that will be available at the time of a Payment.

The number of the purchased Classes will appear on the User’s Balance right away after the Package is purchased. The User acknowledges that the service under the aforementioned Package is deemed to have been rendered in full if there are any unused lessons on the User’s Balance 90 (ninety) calendar days following the last lesson that the User used in the Package and if the User does not use at least one lesson during this time. The Company is not obligated to refund the Payment to the User in this case. The User account’s Balance becomes zero in this situation.

Package purchased by the User prior to the publication of the current GTC dated May 01, 2021 is subject to the following conditions: If there are any unused lessons on the User’s Balance 90 (ninety) calendar days after May 01, 2021, and if during this time the User does not use at least one lesson, the services under the above Package are deemed to have been provided in full, and the Company is under no obligation to reimburse the User for the Payment. The User account’s Balance becomes zero in this scenario.

5.2. 3. from a package to a subscription.

In the event that a subscription is offered to the user, they may do so even after purchasing a package.

The User can always purchase a Subscription through the Platform’s payment options. Classes that are already in the User’s Balance at the time of Subscription purchase will be fully converted into currency on the User’s Bonus Balance. Based on the price the User paid for the Package, the amount of currency for a single Class will be determined.

5.2. 4. Package is being substituted for Subscription.

Considering the guidelines in clause 6.2, the User may switch from Subscription to Package. Paragraph 1, by manually terminating their Subscription on the Platform or by contacting the Service Provider through the Chat Service. Upon receiving such a request, Eduolic will stop the User’s Subscription from continuing to renew automatically.

The Packages will be offered for sale to the User on the Platform once the Subscription Period of the Subscription that the User has already purchased has passed.

5.3. Cash Bonus.

Each User’s User Account contains a Bonus Balance that is available. The purpose of the Bonus Balance is to store money in the User’s preferred currency.

When the User is purchasing a Payment Construction, the amount that is available on the Bonus Balance may be used to make a partial Payment with it. Utilizing currency from the Bonus Balance to lower the cost of the Payment Construction is limited to a 25% reduction, or 25% of the Payment Construction’s initial cost.

The User has several options for adding funds to their Bonus Balance, including using their special referral link to refer others to the Website.

A date is listed in the User Account as the Bonus Balance’s expiration date. The amount that was previously available on the Bonus Balance cannot be refunded to the User because it will be cleared of all currency once it expires and will equal 0.

Users are not permitted to withdraw any of the funds that are available on the Bonus Balance.

5.4. discounts and promotions.

The availability and terms of the Discounts and Promotions shall be indicated by the Service Provider on the Website or on the Platform to the User’s knowledge. Eduolic is authorized to offer discounts (hereinafter: “Discounts”) and special offer purchases and promotions (hereinafter: “Promotions”) to the Users at dates and for duration solely determined by Eduolic. The terms of the discounts and promotions may be introduced, discontinued, or modified at the Service Provider’s discretion; any such changes must be promptly announced on the website or platform to alert users.

The “Discount Code” is a term used by Eduolic to refer to specific discounts that are available to users for a brief period of time. Discount codes offer a fixed dollar amount or a percentage off the full cost of the Payment Constructions listed on the Website.

5.5. presenting classes.

As an additional gift for various actions and competitions, Eduolic may offer Gift Classes. You can find out more about this by speaking with the Eduolic customer service staff.

6.6. Systematic invoice issuance and payment methods.

6.6. 1. system for making payments.

To take part in Classes, Users must pay the full purchase price of the Payment Construction. By entering the information for their credit or debit card or PayPal account, users can pay the purchase price.

Eduolic utilizes Stripe’s services and accepts the following credit cards in order to allow Users to pay with debit or credit cards:.


Depending on the payment method the User selects for the purchase, Stripe, a third-party payment processor, processes the payment process related to the purchase of the Payment Construction in all circumstances, and as such, the User is subject to the terms of that third-party payment processor.

5.6. 2. releasing a bill.

Only after the User has made payment will Eduolic send an electronic invoice to the email address they provided during registration or in their user account.

5.7. Refunds.

In response to the User’s request, Eduolic may take into account partially or fully refunding the User’s Payment.

The User agrees that the cost of the used lessons to be deducted shall be determined by taking into account any proportional discounts and proportional reductions in the cost of lessons resulting from bonus programs that have been utilized by him/her at the last payment.

If the user purchased a package, the cost to be refunded will be based on the number of Classes in the Balance.

The User acknowledges that no refunds are given in the event of a subscription. A notice of termination of the Agreement must be given to Eduolic within 14 (fourteen) days of the date the User’s last payment was made, unless the User has not used a single lesson under the purchased Subscription or is purchasing the Subscription for the first time. Based on the number of Classes in the Balance, the cost to be reimbursed in this situation will be decided.

The User will only receive a refund up to the full amount they paid for the Payment Construction.

Within 5, or five business days, following Eduolic’s affirmative decision regarding the refund, Eduolic shall make arrangements for the refund. The original Payment to the bank account from which the User initiated the Payment, or the bank account the User specified in his or her request, is how the User will receive the refund.


6.1. Users must accurately fill out their and their child’s information in order to register. In the event that incorrect data is provided by the User, the User shall be responsible for all costs and damages incurred by the Service Provider, the User, or a third party.

6.2. The User is required to adhere to all applicable laws regarding the personal information and documents that they upload both during and after registration. The User and the Student agree to refrain from any behavior that contravenes this GTC’s terms, another person’s rights, or is illegal, deceptive, discriminatory, or unfair in any other way.

6.3. The User and the Student may not upload viruses or malicious code and may not display any behaviour that overloads the Website, the Platform or the Application, or makes them inaccessible, or prevents their operation.

6.4. The User and the Student shall be liable for any damages (including any restitution) that arise at the Service Provider or at a third party, because the User or the Student has not complied with his or her obligations set out in the present GTC. In the event that a User or Student publishes content that is in violation of the current GTC, Eduolic reserves the right to immediately and without prior notice remove that content, or to bar the User and the Student from further use of the Service.

6.5. The Service Provider expressly excludes any liability for any damages, including any restitution, arising from erroneous, false, ambiguous or unlawful content provided by the User or the Student.

6.6. The User and the Student are obliged to comply with the provisions of this GTC and of other bylaws of the Service Provider. The User shall be responsible for paying any damages, including restitution, resulting from any violation of such provisions.

6.7. The User acknowledges that if for reasons of unlawful behaviour or of any other behaviour that infringes the current GTC or any other document the Service Provider publishes, the User is banned from the Services and the service fee already paid by the User shall not be recoverable. Eduolic reserves the right to exclude such User without any notice from the Service who violates the obligation set out in this clause.


7.1 The Service Provider is free to unilaterally amend the current GTC at any time. The Service Provider updates the GTC on the Website and sends system messages to its Users informing them of the change. The services that are started before and after the publication of the amended GTC are subject to the new GTC’s terms and conditions.

7.2 The User has the right to cancel their registration at any time by sending an email to support@eduolic.com or using the chat service, which will also result in the termination of the contract they have with the Service Provider. By canceling the registration, the User’s profile will be deleted, making it impossible for the User to access Classes moving forward.

7.3 If the User violates any of its obligations outlined in this GTC, any other bylaws of the Service Provider, or applicable law, the Service Provider shall have the right to unilaterally terminate the Contract with immediate effect.

7.4 If the Service Provider discovers, learns of, and/or the possibility arises that the User registered and/or used the Application without the consent of the legal representative or legal guardian in the case of a minor User under the age of 16, or the legal guardian in the case of an incapacitated User or User with partially limited capacity, the Service Provider is entitled to notify the User to verify in a trustworthy manner in a reasonable time, but not more than 5, that this is not the. The Service Provider may unilaterally terminate the Contract with immediate effect and delete the User Account if the User fails to verify the legal representative’s or guardian’s consent in a reasonable manner.

7.5 The Service Provider retains the right to revoke the contract that was formed by accepting these GTC with 30 days’ notice, or thirty days, and without providing a reason.

7.6 By sending an email or text message to the phone number or email address the User provided during registration, 8.6 Eduolic will inform the User that the Contract has been terminated.


8.1 By accepting this GTC, the User acknowledges that the Services, including but not limited to data, information, pictures, texts, music, audio contents, any other contents, illustrations, user interfaces, audio and video clips, editorial content, as well as scripts and software used for the implementation of the Services, contain such proprietary information and material, the right holders of which are Eduolic, and which are protected by applicable intellectual property laws. The User acknowledges that they are only permitted to use such confidential information or materials for the private, non-commercial purposes described in this GTC. Reproduction of any aspect of the Services in any way, without this GTC’s express permission, is prohibited. The User acknowledges that the Services and the Application, in whole or in part, may not be altered, rented out, sold, or distributed, and that the User shall not be entitled to use the Services in any manner that is expressly forbidden.

8.2 The Service Provider owns the rights to all trademarks, illustrations, and logos used in connection with the Service, including the name Eduolic, the Eduolic logo, and any other trademarks, logos, or illustrations used in connection with the Service. Regarding the aforementioned trademarks or intellectual property, the User shall have no rights and no right of use.

8.3 The Application and Website’s content, including but not limited to its graphic elements, text, and technical solutions, the layout and design of the Application and Website (including the Platform) interface, the software and other solutions, ideas, and implementation used, as well as the content on the Website or on the Application published by the Service Provider, are all protected by copyright. It is illegal to copy it in full or in part because it violates copyrights.

8.4 It is strictly forbidden to use the Application or the Website in a way that could compromise the Service Provider’s intellectual property rights by allowing the source code to be cracked or deciphered by others. Additionally, it is prohibited to modify or decrypt the Application’s or Website’s content, as well as to unfairly create a User Account or use any application that allows for such modifications or decryption (e.g. g. search engine bot or any other decryption).


9.1 Except for liability for damages caused intentionally, through gross negligence or criminal offenses, as well as for breaches of contract resulting in death or injuries to physical integrity or health, Users may only use the Services at their own risk and agree that the Service Provider shall not be liable for any material damages or personal infringements arising in connection with the use.

9.2 The Service Provider disclaims all responsibility for the actions of the User or the Student. The Service Provider shall fully cooperate with the competent authorities to detect violations in cases where the User and the Student are fully and solely responsible for their own conduct, including the data and other documents recorded in the Application and on the Website.

9.3 The Service Provider is free to search for evidence of illegal activity with regard to the recorded videos of the Classes, but Eduolic is not required to monitor any content that the User may make available while using the Services. The User acknowledges that the Service Provider has no obligations or liabilities with respect to any data that the User uploads or edits.

9.4 The User is accountable to the Service Provider for any losses incurred by the Service Provider as a result of the User’s or the Student’s improper or illegal use of the Services.

9.5 The User is not allowed to use the Services for political, commercial, or other types of promotion without the Service Provider’s prior written consent.

9.6 If the user finds any objectionable content—in particular, content that threatens minors, is defamatory, humiliating, abusive, or inflammatory—they should report it. ) or notices unusual activity on the Services, he or she must notify Eduolic right away. The service provider has the right to immediately delete or modify the information if it determines that the notification is justified.

9.7 The Service Provider is required to operate the Services with a reasonable level of care and expertise. Although the Service Provider will try to maintain the Services’ ongoing accessibility on the Website and through the Application, due to the inherent limitations of the Internet, the Service Provider is unable to guarantee the Services’ ongoing functionality and continuity. Any direct or indirect damages brought on by technical outages, failures caused by parties other than the Service Provider, or malicious software installed by third parties are not covered by the Service Provider’s liability policy. Further, the Service Provider shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages brought on by interruptions, delays, or any other flaws that render the service unavailable (e. g. The service provider makes use of (Google, Apple). While the Service Provider will use all reasonable efforts to guarantee visits to the Website and Application as well as their use, safety, and dependability, technical errors may still occur. The Service Provider assumes that the User is aware of this possibility.

9.8 Eduolic does not guarantee that: as it has ceased all further representations and warranties with regard to the Services.

The User may use the Services error-free and uninterrupted. The User acknowledges that the Service Provider may occasionally stop operating the Services for an indefinite period of time, or may suspend or stop operating the Services at any time for technical or operational reasons, in which case, the Service Provider will attempt to notify the User.

The Services won’t experience any loss, malfunction, attack, virus, intervention, interference, hacking, or other harmful interference compromising security; these occurrences are referred to as Force Majeure events, and the Service Provider won’t be held responsible in any way. Prior to, during, and after using the Services—as well as any content or data used in connection with the Application and the Platform—the User is responsible for creating backups on or from his or her system.

10. Miscellaneous provisions

10.1 Eduolic may send a system message to the email address the User provided during registration informing the User of its legal statements regarding this GTC. The email address that the User registered when sending the system message will be regarded as having received it. The Service Provider’s IT system’s data storage must be used to determine the system message’s sending time.

10.2 Eduolic is free to post advertisements or other marketing-related content whenever they see fit, whether on the website or in the application,

11.3 Eduolic reserves the right to make alterations or improvements to the Website or the Application at any time without warning. Additionally, the Service Provider retains the right to rename the domain name under which the Website is hosted.

11.4 Without regard to any principles of conflict of laws, this Contract will be governed by California law in the event of a dispute. San Francisco County, State of California’s appropriate state or federal courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising out of or related to this Contract. The User hereby irrevocably waives any objection to and consents to the jurisdiction of the courts of the State of California by accepting these GTC.

11.5 Until it is revoked or modified, this GTC will be in effect from the time it is published on the website.

Only if you concur with what has been stated above, kindly accept the current GTC. Please email us at support@eduolic.com if you have any additional inquiries about the GTC. Beginning on May 1, 2023, the current general terms and conditions will apply.