Best Live English Classes
for Kids
4 to 13 Years Old

Best Live English Classes
for Kids
4 to 13 years old

Best Live English Classes for Kids
4 to 13 years old

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British English Course

Our British English program immerses learners in a vibrant, interactive, and research-based curriculum. Through engaging activities, games, and stories, students develop listening, speaking, and reading skills in English. Our experienced teachers create a nurturing environment, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and social skills alongside language acquisition.
Works on: Vocabulary words, Grammar, Listening, and Speaking.

Phonics is Fun Course

Dive into the world of phonics with our interactive Phonics is Fun course, designed to guide learners through the foundational stages of letter recognition, pronunciation, and sound blending. From understanding individual letter names and their corresponding sounds to exploring complex letter combinations. With engaging lessons, interactive exercises, and personalized feedback, learners will gain confidence in their ability to decode words and unlock the joys of reading and language mastery.

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